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Limelight (1952) 1080p

Limelight is a movie starring Charles Chaplin, Claire Bloom, and Nigel Bruce. A fading comedian and a suicidally despondent ballet dancer must look to each other to find meaning and hope in their lives.

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The Synopsis for Limelight (1952) 1080p

Chaplin's final American film tells the story of a fading music hall comedian's effort to help a despondent ballet dancer learn both to walk and feel confident about life again. The highlight of the film is the classic duet with Chaplin's only real artistic film comedy rival, Buster Keaton.

The Director and Players for Limelight (1952) 1080p

[Role:]Nigel Bruce
[Role:]Buster Keaton
[Role:]Claire Bloom
[Role:Director]Charles Chaplin
[Role:]Charles Chaplin

The Reviews for Limelight (1952) 1080p

Reviewed byPetri Pelkonen ([email protected])Vote: /10

Charles Chaplin plays Calvero, an aging clown who rescues a ballet dancercalled Terry (Claire Bloom) from committing suicide.These two become friendsand Calvero gets more meaning to his life.He desperately tries to make acome back to become the greatest clown again but it's hard to make peoplelaugh anymore.Limelight from 1952 was Charles Chaplin's last Americanfilm.It was a flop but the film won an Academy Award for best score in1972.That year the king of comedy got also a special Oscar for careerachievement.This was Chaplin's most sentimental movie and it also was verytouching.Chaplin is amazing as the aging clown.The man wasn't only a greatcomedian.He was also a terrific actor.It's hard to top his performance inthis movie.Claire Bloom's performance as the ballet dancer is alsobrilliant.Chaplin's son Sydney plays Neville in the movie.There are alsoChaplin's children Victoria, Michael, Josephine, Geraldine and CharlesChaplin Jr. in this film.This is truly a masterpiece.This proves thatChaplin didn't shine only in silent movies.He did that also in talkies.Andthis is one of his best talkies.The dialogue is just delicious in this comedic drama.In the end you can seeanother great comedian from the silent era;Buster Keaton.You can see Chaplinand Keaton clowning together in the end.And that is one great scene.A sceneto remember.The message of Limelight is how wonderful life is.Enjoy it whileyou still can.

Indulgent, sentimental, but very upliftingReviewed bygezmarVote: 8/10

Chaplin plays Calvero, the washed up music hall clown, who saves the life and attempts to restore the hope of a distraught ballerina, Terry, played by Claire Bloom.

If ever there was a movie to give you hope and lift spirits in dark times, this is it. Calvero's monologues and scenes to help encourage Terry back on her feet(literally) are a perfect remedy for the times (like the ones we live in) when it easy to lose hope. Courage, imagination and a little dough, he tells her is all that is needed to get by.

In Limelight Chaplin also gives great insight into the highs and the devastating lows an of artist's career. Calvero expresses his love\hate relationship towards the theatre, his audience and his almost spent life.

Chaplin, as usual gives a suave, nimble, moving and funny performance and he allows Claire Bloom to totally blossom in the role of Terry.The films is even more special by featuring the only appearance together of Chaplin and Buster Keaton in a brief comedy routine. Their time together on screen is priceless and the routine, very funny

The rest of the considerable supporting cast(including Nigel Bruce and Norman Lloyd) do their best but are bound by Chaplin's constricting direction. As is usually noticeable in a Chaplin talkie, the other actors only mechanically express what their director has instructed them to do.

Even Keaton's character is only referred to as "Calvero's partner" and never even given a name. The brief time Keaton appears on screen Chaplin hardly acknowledges the character's precense. (One can't help feeling the cameo was a condescending piece of charity on Chaplin's part to his more humble screen rival.) Also; has any director ever granted themselves more self-glorifying and self-pitying close ups than Chaplin in this movie?

But all this(and the fact that the movie runs way too long) is totally forgivable as only Chaplin could produce such a giant movie of inspiration and uplifting spirit.

One of the Most Melancholic Films I Have Ever SeenReviewed byClaudio CarvalhoVote: 9/10

In 1914, in London, the former successful and presently decadent and alcoholic clown Calvero (Charles Chaplin) smells gas in the building where he lives and breaks in an apartment. He finds the suicidal Thereza 'Terry' Ambrose (Claire Bloom) laying down on her bed and he brings a doctor that saves her. They do not report to the police and Calvero nurses her in his apartment.

He leans that Terry was a ballet dancer that had a problem in her legs that are paralyzed. However, the doctor tells to Calvero that she has not a physical, but actually a psychological problem with her legs. He emotionally supports her and she recovers her health and becomes a successful ballerina. Meanwhile Calvero is also affected by Terry and quits drinking. Calvero tries to rebuild his career in the show business and while Terry falls in love with him but age must pass as youth enters.

"Limelight" is one of the most melancholic films that I have ever seen. I saw this movie for the first time when I was very young but watching "Limelight" older and older, I realized how depressive this tragic story is. The haunting music score was awarded with the Oscar of Best Music, Original Dramatic Score. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Luzes da Ribalta" ("Limelight")

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